Health and wellness coaching is still a fairly new profession, and many people are not quite sure what it is. Most simply, it is what it sounds like: coaching people to better health and greater wellness.

“Health and wellness coaching is more than just coaching people toward improving specific health behaviors, or helping people manage chronic disease. Instead, the goal is to meet each client as a whole person to help empower him/her to develop the focus, motivation, energy, and skills to make effective choices and sustained efforts toward well-being and a healthy life”

The Mayo Clinic

Furthermore, the Mayo Clinic  describes health and wellness coaches as

"experts in establishing relationships and practicing core coaching skills that assist the individual in identifying values and desires, transforming them into action, and maintaining lasting change over time. They partner in dynamic collaboration with individuals, respecting the client as the expert in his/her own life, using a strength-based focus and strong grounding in best practice”.


These are big definitions, and if you find them a bit overwhelming, I understand. I therefore invite you to join me down this page to see if I can make it more approachable. Health and wellness is often associated with diet and exercise, which makes sense, as science has rarely agreed on the importance of anything that strongly. However, health and wellness is so much more than what you eat and how you move.


Health and Wellness is so much more than diet and excercise. 

Wenche Reinstein, Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach

Please take a moment to think about how these things apply to your overall wellbeing:

Sleep. Stress. Illness. Symptoms. Pain. Family. Friends. Work. Spirituality. Creativity. Down-time. Self-care. Hobbies. Love. Anger. Guilt. Resilience. Mindfulness. Knowledge. Pride. Control. Nature.

This is not an extensive list, and I don’t expect all these factors to be (equally) important for everyone. The point is that what “healthy and well” means to you, may be different than what it means to anyone else, and as priorities change throughout our lives, so can our idea of what health means.

This is why, when I start working with you, I first and foremost want us to explore what you care about the most, what your values are and what being healthy means to you in this moment and this phase of your life.


I want you to see yourself as the healthy person you wish to be, and compare it to your current state/situation. When that becomes clear, it’s easier to define goals that make sense for you. And when we know what you want to achieve, we collaborate on creating action plans to move you from current to ideal situation. Journeying through this process, my goal for you, in addition to any other goals you set for yourself, is that you discover your own resources/tools, that will be helpful in maintaining lasting changes, and can be applied to anything else you want to accomplish in the future.


While we certainly help many clients with improving their diets and exercise routines, as you see, there is so much else health and wellness coaching potentially can help with. Some want to change their sleep- or social media habits, some need to be in better control of their diabetes, heart disease, epilepy or any other disease and find ways to have a “normal” life while being ill. Some want to become more patient in their relationships. Some want to move more, spend more time outside, or simply find ways to take care of themselves for a few moments every day. The reason health and wellness coaching can be helpful in plentiful ways, is that we’re not experts in telling people what to do. Rather, like the definition above states: we are experts in assisting the individual in identifying values and desires, transforming them into action, and maintaining lasting change over time.

You are the expert of your life, and you already have the tools to accomplish what you want. But if you find it challenging to start, or don’t even quite know how to start but know you want change, I would honor the chance to help you pull your own resources and unique skills to the surface and apply them to reach your personal health and wellness goals.

I look forward to hearing from you!