Whether you have a patient you think might benefit from being coached, you’re looking to take a little better care of your own health and wellness in the midst of an extremely busy life, or you’re simply curious about how I work, I am happy you are here!


Health and wellness coaching has become increasingly popular and recognized over the last 10 years and research showing effects of and benefits from it, is starting to appear. However, due to the wide variety of institutions offering classes and certifications, and the wide variety of (professional) backgrounds coaches have, it’s still challenging to both conduct good studies and draw strong conclusions from them. Often, even knowing what to expect from Health and Wellness Coaching is hard. That’s why I want to let you know what I do/how I work, what my background is, and possibly, how we can cooperate to the benefit of our patients/clients.


I am an MD, but not licensed to practice medicine in the United States. I went to medical school in Oslo, and did my residency and later worked as partner in a general practice on the west-coast of Norway. After moving to New York, I passed board exams and obtained a neurology residency at Rutgers NJ Medical School. I realized, however, that I did not want to invest another 4 years to become licensed, so I resigned, but as I was not ready to give up on helping people, I started researching my opportunities which quickly led me to Health and Wellness Coaching and the Mayo Clinic. Their training program is research-based and integrative, and among my peers were several other MDs, psychologists, dietitians, nurses, physical- and occupational therapists and personal trainers.

When meeting with clients, I use a strength-based approach grounded in contributions from (but not limited to) counseling psychology, positive psychology and motivational interviewing. This helps clients to identify their values and interests, unique strengths and coping skills, set goals based on their values, and to frame solutions that will help them reach the goals. This approach is very general, which explains why (different groups of) clients can benefit from coaching in so many ways, but when meeting with the unique client, it will become very specific and personalized.


I mainly work with people from either of these 3 categories:

  • Chronic Illness patients who want/need guidance in taking care of themselves better and become healthier while coping with their illness

  • “Pre-chronic illness” patients - at risk for developing lifestyle disease and need help/ motivation to adopt healthier behaviors and habits

  • Clients who in the middle of a stressful life could use help/guidance in finding motivation and space to take care of themselves and their health


I am a Health and Wellness Coach, and will work within the professional and ethical boundaries of this profession.

I believe my medical background is a great strength that can benefit my clients, but I will be perfectly clear, to you and to each client, that I at no point will give medical advice or try to interfere with medical treatment.


Let's listen to each other, see each other, and find the best ways to cooperate.

Wenche Reinstein, Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach

I would, however, very much like to cooperate to the benefit of our patient/clients, whenever it might be suitable to do so. I imagine this happening in 3 ways:

  • I will have clients that I realize need help from other providers, beyond what I can do for them. I would like to refer them to you.

  • You might have patients/clients that need help/motivation to change their health behaviors, and if you lack time, and they’re open to it, you could refer them to me.

  • I have a client that would like me to/and would benefit from me accompanying them on a doctor’s visit (or similar), or reach out to you on their behalf for clarification/ information etc.


Finally, should you feel like you could use some support, or maybe just a push, to take better care of yourself, it might be nice to see a former (fellow) physician. You spend an awful lot of time taking care of others. You deserve to take care of yourself and feel well too.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out on:

or 914-330-3290

I look forward to hearing from you!